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This game is so cute! I only figured out how to get out with the werewolf person?? Idk they had ears so that's all I remember, but this is SO good! Definitely will be playing until I've seen everything! :D 


Oh this is so cute! Quick and with super super high replayability, I keep going back to try and get all the characters. I've definitely recced it to some friends, thank you for your hard work!

This game was very cute! Ace is definitly my favorite. This might become my go-to when I want to play a game, but I dont want to have to search through Itch! You did a great job :)

I really thought about 'this game is CUTE!!' many time and I would like to say I like it!. Still I have some Q. I found big bro but I don't understand clue so I can't get password. so sad TT

omg where did u find big bro?? I can't seem to find him :((

which download link is suitable with a macbook? or there is none at all?


Hello! There are two downloads for mac, there is a build labeled "Haunted Corny Maize MAC" which is in English and "Haunted Corny Maize CN" which is in Chinese. 

I'm trying to run this game in Linux Mint and I can't even get it installed. The app aborts shortly after downloading, and when I try using the files directly it can't load them. Any idea what's going on or how to fix it?


Oh I'm really sorry that's my fault, I haven't noticed until now but i mislabeled the Chinese Mac version as a linux build when it actually wasn't. I'm really sorry! At the time I saw this comment, I didn't have a linux build out, but now there is one! I personally cannot test how well this build will work as I only have a windows pc and a mac on hand, but I hope this build works for you!

Thanks! It's working beautifully so far, and I'll let you know if there are any issues. I really appreciate it!

No problem! It was my mistake in the first place anyway, I hope you enjoy the game!

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Hey, i just wanted to say i LOVE your games, and i particularly love this one. It was really cute and fun and even though it's simple, it felt really nice and pleasant to play, and was also challenging because i'm terrible at mazes lol and i know there are still some fun secrets to find so i will be playing it much more. also i LOVE the simple and gentle autumn/halloween atmosphere. i am just a sucker for autumn/halloween stuff, LOL. also the characters are super cute. ((though i guess i wish it would go a little more in depth with the dating sim part? it just seems a little weird, because it's such a small part of the game, like it feels like it would be better to go either more in depth or just not make it a thing, because i want more ahh)) Anyways, i am excited for your next game~

Oh, also, the new mac build has worked flawlessly for me, i had no problems saving, and i didn't run into any other bugs, so it's been great.

EDIT: oh my gosh also the music is perfect eheh

I'm getting some weird errors when I try to save.

Are you using the mac version or the windows version?


ok i've had some issues with the saving with mac in the past. can you show me what error you're getting?

Two errors:

Failed to load: img/characters/Actor1.png

Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function

sorry im having trouble figuring out why these errors are occurring. Are you doing anything specific before trying to save or do you get these even if you try to save immediately upon getting into the game?