A story about how I developed paranoia through morbid curiosity.

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TagsBitsy, daydream-jam, paranoia


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Oh my, way too relatable, waaaaay too relatable, i've been through the same thing! Still kinda am, lol. But this game really sums it up, thank you for making it <3

Relly cool game, nice to see

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Whoops, I'm stuck on the scene with the ladder and three portraits! It won't let me move!

On that scene you're not supposed to be able to move backward, it purposely blocks you after the "scare" in that room, you have to keep moving left. Or at least I think that's what you were having an issue with?

Okay, I managed to play it all!

For some reason, it had teleported me into the walls at the bottom of that scene, and I was stuck in the wall.

I really enjoyed the game; I do the exact same thing, watching horror games when I know damn well I'm gonna suffer. I've taken to watching most of them on Youtube if I know it's gonna be Too Much. At least I;m not 100% alone then.

Well done! I dig the color choices and the usage of room dupes for the jump scares and ending.

 Great game, i have no idea how you do the eye blinking thing. and animations. is this based on a true story cause it sure as hell feels like some deep stuff.

it is based off a true story! it only felt right to make a game about games that made me realize i have this severe paranoia.

Wow man, I used to feel slightly paranoid too but after knowing that nothing is certain. (i.e uncertainty principle. Science!) I got over a lot of my internal unhelpful beliefs since then. I hope you feel less paranoid nowadays. still, I think you put in a lot of effort into this game. I've been working on a game alone for quite a while and the workload, yeah, I sure as hell want to recruit talented people in the future, though I can't afford to pay them much(probably none at all), but let me know if you're interested. I do game maker studio 1, don't have money to buy 2. but anyhow great artwork.

Nice Project, how did you do the animation at the end? stack exits on the avatar? Cheers

thanks! the only way you can really move is down at the end so i just had a few duplicate maps and exits set right below the player

Wow. That was really good!